JEREMY GOTWALS is a musician, performer, and mutli-media storyteller as well as a marketing and design professional of 10+ years. On his spare time, he owns & runs two brands: Geronimo and Holon publishing. 

Who is jeremy gotwals? 


People and creativity are my passions. Strategy and skill are my weapons. I have starred in two shows on MTV Networks, made it to the fourth round of American Idol, and sang for audiences around the world. In 2011, I founded Holon Publishing - a publishing company and creative agency. I have more than a decade of experience in media, from hosting my own radio show, to print journalism, to scaling social media campaigns, and my work as a freelance design and marketing professional. 

As a creative director - I have not only overseen dozens of book publishing projects from start to finish, but I have also overseen a myriad of web development projects, video production projects, and advertisement campaigns both big and small. 

As a social media marketing professional I have used social media to share my message, and the message of others - helping authors and artists raise thousands of dollars to fund their works. I was a social media pioneer in the days of MySpace, in the early 2000's, using Social Media to promote my bands and creative projects. 

As a designer I believe that if you can design one thing, you can design everything - I started freelancing professionally when I was just 17 and have designed and redesigned a myriad of brands from start to finish. I worked on Macromedia before it was acquired by Adobe. I built my first websites on Dreamweaver when I was only in Middle School.  

For me, work and play form a harmonious dance. I work so that I can and create beautiful things that benefit the world.

my story is wild...
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My expertise in design, web, branding, content marketing, storytelling, social media, public relations, video production, and even book publishing are at your disposal.

Design. Branding. Identity

Logos. Business Cards. Brochures. Packaging. Even products. I've designed it all. 

Web, Mobile, & UX design. 

Websites, Mobile apps, and mobile game concepts. If there's something that I can't do, I can deploy a team to solve the problem with me.

Book publishing, production, design, and marketing. 

I founded Holon Publishing in 2011. I've seen dozens of publishing projects from start to completion and print. Book design is a special skill that even many great designers do not posses. 

Content  creation, marketing, advertising, and digital storytelling. 

I live and breathe content. Digital storytelling is what I do. Every day. All day. I am a writer, photographer, and creator of media that connects brands to their audiences. 

Public relations. Event planning & promotions. social media marketing. crowd funding. 

To say that I am a people person is an understatement. I have been known to create massive crowds around an event at the drop of a hat. 

video production. creative direction. Video storytelling. 

Video is a necessity in today's advertising/storytelling world. Besides which, I have been creating my own media since I was a child. I am not a videographer, but I am a producer and creative director. I work with brilliant cinematographers to bring stories to life. 


I'm a singer, guitarist, and rogue piano-man. I compose songs and serenade the masses. I am a bard.

whether you need a website, a logo, a book, a Writer, a social media campaign, an app design, a creative director, a consultant, a guitarist for your event, a master of ceremonies, or a lead for your film, I am your asset

*But I cannot be your accountant, attorney, priest, realtor, surgeon, or doormat. 
**But I do have clients who can be (except doormats). 

***And remember, if I'm not your asset, I might be your competitor's.